Harper 4 Humanity is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization that provides disaster response & critical aid to those impacted by a natural or man-made disaster. Bringing a special element of compassion to make sure people are not just numbers. 

We hand deliver life saving supplies to remote and mountainous areas where help has been difficult to obtain.  ​

Relief systems are designed to deliver essential services and supplies as fast and efficient as possible. Unfortunately, in that process people are simply reduced to numbers. It is my mission to ensure that those who have suffered can not only receive life saving aid quickly but view themselves as more than a number or victim. 

After the devastation of Hurricane Maria, we completed 11  humanitarian trips to Puerto Rico and after Hurricane Dorian we have completed 2 humanitarian trips to Bahamas. 

During my trips, I have  encountered many families and pets in desperate need of basic necessities. Many have lost absolutely everything. There are people suffering from their traumatic experiences due to the devastation of the natural disasters. The lack of electricity and potable water not only made things worse for the islanders but hampered health conditions of the elderly, the sick, the disabled.

We have hand delivered essential items which include small stoves, water filtration systems, tarps, solar lamps, children and adult diapers, healthy meals and snacks, organic drinks, organic baby food, infant formulas, pet food, nutrition shakes (Ensures), clothing, etc.

I would love to partner up with companies and individuals so that we can continue this humanitarian effort. 

The goal is to help families build Disaster Resistant Homes and continue to assist in distribution of relief supplies, especially in hard-to-reach areas.

 There are many ways of supporting our mission. You can share our website and social media posts. Please donate and spread the word! Your contribution is much needed and appreciated!!!

Thank you. 

About us:

Our founder:

Jamie Harper a celebrity make-up artist who grew up in Puerto Rico. This mission means so much to be able to help and give back!

"when I saw the destruction of Hurricane Maria, I knew I had to do something! So I decided to use my savings to help the ones in need. And now we already completed  13 Humanitarian Missions. Looking forward being able to provide homes to the forgotten..."


Architect and Designer. Has been helping and supporting Puerto Rico.  He is focus on rebuilding and bringing solutions. 

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